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Welcome to 510soccer.com! We are a complete soccer company offering ADULT CLASSES,  INDIVIDUAL COACHING and TEAM TRAINING

We primarily serve the adult soccer community, and with over 12 years experience in soccer education, we strongly believe that our progressive approach provides the optimum environment to ensure any player the most enriching, challenging and enjoyable soccer experience around.

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Thank you both for the excellent work you’ve done with your soccer clinics.  Looking back the improvement that I saw week over week, I recognize that it was immediate and dramatic.  It didn’t take long before I was comfortable playing with a team, and was quickly able to become a contributing player.  Much of that progress is due to the training you both provided. I’ve now moved onto an intermediate level of play, using maneuvers I wouldn’t have been capable of using before your classes, with an increased level of understanding of both individual and team play.  I look forward to continuing my soccer education with 510soccer. Thanks again to both of you!
Rich, NY